We hope you and your family are well and safe during this critical time. We understand that this is a scary and highly uncertain time, so let’s stick together and strive to create less harm in the world.

We are writing to advise customers that we are working from home, but our printing and production services may experience disruptions over the next few weeks/months. Currently, our printing and suppliers are operating however there is the possibility that this may change at short notice. Should this happen, we will notify our customers as soon as we can.

We know that many of you would like to change your order dates and rest assured, we are here to help. Thank you for postponing your dates and not cancelling during this difficult time.

Please speak with your vendors about moving your wedding dates to the end of 2020/ early 2021. If you are a current customer we have discounts in place for any reprints required or a “change the date” card that includes revised wedding details.

Please speak to our customer service team for further information.

Buy Now Print Later

Don’t let it stop your wedding planning

We understand this is not an ideal time for you to organise a wedding. So, we offer a “Buy Now and Print Later” option which lets you take advantage of current promotional offer, even when you still don’t have a fixed wedding date.

You will have the flexibility to adjust the order quantity and specifications to meet your final wedding requirements. As long as the total amount is within the price bracket, the discount will still be applicable.


A well-run printing press requires routine maintenance. Without regular maintenance, we wouldn’t be able to provide you with the best possible product. This maintenance plays an important role to ensure we are running an efficient operation.

The maintenance is scheduled to take place between
Friday, 22nd and 31st May 2020

During the annual maintenance, our customer service and design team will still be working as usual to answer your questions, provide quotations and design your stationery.

How will the annual maintenance affect you:

● The annual maintenance will affect all printing and finishing

● Design approvals must be completed by Mon, 4th of May for delivery before Wed, 20th of May

● Design approvals received after Mon, 4th of May will most likely be processed after the maintenance date. Some print and finishing that takes shorter time might be able to be delivered prior to the maintenance date